Strategic Community Management for Your Lifestyle

We’re committed to providing the same high-quality level of service no matter what size your Association is. The Bentley Team sees all Associations as our communities, our neighbors and our friends.

So whether your Association needs a full-service management company or has smaller, more individualized needs, we will customize a management plan for your Association that fits your community and your budget like a glove.

Assisted Solutions for Your Budget

The Bentley Team knows that some Associations are more “self-managed” than others and, as a result, have varying levels of services they require. Our Assisted Solutions will help you better manage your own Association, stepping in to provide assistance only when you need it.

Dedicated Service with a Dedicated Team

The Bentley Team is knowledgeable, friendly, and courteous. We know that when a resident calls or emails the Bentley Team regarding a concern, they expect a prompt response. And we deliver!

We also know that when manager turnover is high, it is extremely disruptive to Association management operations, residents and staff. We work to avoid manager turnover and transitions to maintain a consistent, healthy relationship between our Team and your Association members.

Cloud Based AND Paper Friendly

We understand that “tech-friendliness” exists on a sliding scale. We provide both traditional paper management and cloud-based solutions, or a combination of both to best fit your needs. While we pride ourselves in utilizing cutting-edge technology wherever possible, we understand that not everyone lives “in the cloud.” We will always seek out a solution that works best for your Board members and owners.

Bentley’s List of Services

The following is just a brief sampling of the areas of Community Management that can be combined into a customized management plan designed specifically for your community:

  • Administrative Services
  • Day to Day Operations
  • Communications
  • Preparation of Board Meeting Materials
  • Attended Meetings
  • Remote Meetings (Audit and/or Video)
  • Common Area Maintenance
  • Comprehensive Financial Services
  • Assessments and Collections
  • Owner Assessment Payment Options
  • 24/7/365 Owner Account Access Options
  • Delinquency Handling
  • Escrow and Refinance Procedures
  • Document Distribution
  • Reserve Component Maintenance and Budget Analysis Planning
  • Vendor Management
  • Vendor Scheduling and Compliance
  • Architectural Application
  • Annual Meeting and Balloting Services
  • Inspector of Election Services
  • Community Reminders and Notifications
  • Owner and Resident Assistance Options
  • Access Device Management
  • Amenity Scheduling
  • Automation Options and Solutions
  • Violation & Owner Compliance Assistance
  • Architectural Compliance
  • Civil Code Association Procedural Compliance
  • State Corporate Compliance
  • Annual Disclosure Distributions
  • Annual Mailing Distributions
  • Governance (Board Member Assistance and Planning)
  • Education (Board Member and New/Existing Owners)
  • Vital Records Management and Archiving
  • After Hours Emergency Response
  • “Your Specific Needs” – Is something you need not on the list? No problem! Let us help customize a solution for you!!