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Board Member Testimonials

Kind Words from Bentley Association Board Members

Thanks for pushing this through…maybe our communications with (the owner) will improve with this effort.

J.B., President

KUDOS FOR YOU! For over 6 years, I have waited for someone to anticipate my questions. Thank you for the noting of the party invoice that the homeowner was invoiced and that the bill had been paid.

C.N., President

Great job! I really enjoy your thoroughness. It is a refreshing change.

P.C., Treasurer

Great Newsletter…timely for parties and law enforcement meeting.

P.R., President

We got a lot done tonight…good inputs from you…long meeting but hopefully they will get much, much shorter soon….good job and thanks!

D.D., President

Thank you for the work you have done on the action list. This really helps keep the Board on top of things. Your list is working out really well. Keep up the good work.

D.A., President

Thank you so much for doing all you are doing.

R.S., President

You did another excellent job at our meeting last night. It was re-assuring to me to have your calm, professional and knowledgeable experience present to assist me in managing our meeting. I received a survey, and gave you excellent ratings, as it is well deserved! I am copying your supervisors so they know you did another great job!

H.C., Vice President

Great explanation!. You continue to impress me with your knowledge and the timing in which you share it with us.

D.M., President

All went well. She did an excellent job. She is a seasoned professional – thanks again!

C.H., President

Greatly appreciate your counsel and input, we are blessed to have you on our account.

J.J., Member at Large

Thank you for all your help. We are at times a tough group but I wanted you to know, I appreciate all you do for us.

B.H., President

Our manager is doing a good job holding her own. She knows the rules and is always prepared. We have some difficult older Board members who don’t read their Board packet, who get lost, who argue, one of whom tries to ‘take over’ the Board meetings, etc. Throughout all this, she has been able to be professional and together, we try as best together to keep things moving along. I would like to give her recognition.

C.H., Vice President

You’re doing a wonderful job, brings to light how many services we ‘weren’t receiving’, a valuable lesson here for any Management Company.

J.G., Member at Large

Thank you for researching this issue the way it should have been done months ago!!!!! I believe we now have the information we need to make a decision about fixing these fireplace problems. I look forward to being able to make a final decision to fix these.

S.V., President

The real thanks should go to our manager on this. We’ve been trying to get this (O.C. Sheriff patrols) accomplished for two years, and she got it done in her first few months.

C.P., Secretary

Like the saying goes, no news is good news – you haven’t heard from me since our transition to our new property manager. But I would like to take this time to acknowledge that I am/we are pleased with her knowledge, attention to detail, valuable information in our Board packet, awesome newsletter, and leadership. She hit the ground running, gave a great impression, and handles herself very well. Thanks for the better ‘fit’ for our community.

C.H., President

Thanks for making communicating issues easy for me. Sorry that I have sent so many emails this past month. I honestly don’t know how you deal with this kind of stuff in a full time capacity. My hats off to you!

T.G., Secretary

I think we are finally on the right path.

D.L., Vice President

Thank you for keeping the rest of the Board on the same page.

S.C., President

They (building exteriors) look very nice! Bold & Vibrant, just what we wanted! And just another note, love the benches too! I have heard a lot of compliments! Good job!!

K.B., Secretary

Just think of all the good things we’re doing (for the community now) since you have been our manager!

R.A., President

I just wanted to pass along some kudos about our Property Manager. After watching so many issues fall through the cracks for several years as we’ve been passed off from one Property Manager to another, it’s nice to finally have a Property Manager who knows what she’s talking about and ensures that all tasks are well-managed and completed to satisfaction. Many residents have noted that they are pleased with how things have been progressing over the past few months – I personally think that she is pretty kick-ass. We still have a decent amount of issues to tackle but as long as she is with us, I have faith that they will all be addressed in due time.

S.C., President

Thank you for the good idea (donating various property items instead of discarding them).

C.S., Vice President

You’re Awesome – Thank you!

S.N., President

Needless to say the entire Board was shocked and dismayed by the email received (from the previous management company) that you would no longer be our account manager. All of us were very happy with your excellent response and support for our needs and your overall outstanding performance. We are all very sad and generally unhappy with all of the account manager turnover over the past years.

J.R., Treasurer

Thanks for your support.

T.G., Member at Large

I am very glad you are on our account…great job so far and thanks!

B.R., Vice President

Thank you. And on a side note…Thank you for taking the extra step to over-inform the homeowners (about the 5 year interior fire system inspections).

S.C., President

It is evident to us that you spend a great deal of time on our Association and that you are very diligent in following up on the projects and details required from our Association. Personally, I would like to thank you for all the hard work you have put into this Association. It is very evident to me that you have been the best property manager that I personally have worked with since I first was elected to this Board. Your knowledge about the issues I have raised is superb. Thank you again for your efforts.

W.R, Vice President