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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

With a name like Bentley, it sounds like your fees are going to be really high. Are they?

Not at all. Our goal is to provide superior customer service at a price to fit any budget. Our management fee is very competitive – and we deliver what we promise.

Will my residents have to drive to your management office?

No. Residents in our managed communities will never be required to travel to our office. Our managers are frequently in the service areas to provide personal service to our communities – virtually eliminating any need for residents to travel to our office.

The process of changing management companies is a nightmare! How can you help make it an easier transition?

We understand that lots of management companies make it more difficult than necessary to leave them by retaliating against the membership during the final 60-day transition period. Bentley works pro-actively to integrate your community into our system so that we can respond to resident requests for services sooner if needed, if the current management company decides not to ‘play nice’. We also perform an extensive review of the documents transferred to identify items that may be missed in the transition period, including Association records and financials.

Do you make frequent Manager Changes?

No. The Bentley Team understands that a manager change is disruptive not only to the association and membership, but contributes significantly to the perception that the management company is nothing more than a ‘revolving door’ of employees. We work hard to match the right manager to the communities the first time, so there is not a need to constantly change the manager on an association.

Does the Bentley Team help the Board with education?

Yes! Our Team Members are trained and knowledgeable in all aspects of community management. We can assist the Board, as well as the membership, with education on an array of topics and required procedures specific to your community.

Will you help our residents understand how to live in a homeowner’s association?

Yes. We understand that most times, residents do not understand how things work in an association. We will help and be a resource for them.

Bentley offers so much more than other management companies we have looked into. Does that mean your management fees are a lot higher?

Bentley’s management fees are very competitive for services offered, and we can provide a better customer service experience to our communities than the competition. We operate with a lower overhead without hidden fees and frivolous ‘management extras’.

Our Board meetings are very long and nothing gets done.

Bentley can help Board members have shorter Board meetings by providing everything necessary the first time to make good decisions. Our Board documents are complete and easy to understand so decisions can be made quickly on items of concern without the need to table items meeting after meeting.

We have found that we would have more volunteer participation if our meetings were held during the daytime. Do you offer daytime meetings?

Yes! To help accommodate and foster community involvement, Bentley offers both daytime and evening meeting schedules.

We discovered that our management company did not complete the proper filings and our Corporate status was suspended. Can you help us?

Yes. Bentley’s internal processes protect our managed associations. Your filings and all compliance requirements will be processed in a timely manner to maintain your corporate status and protection.

We are self-managed and just discovered we are not in State requirement compliance. What can you do to help us get compliant fast?

State compliance is a Bentley specialty! We will provide education and help you create a procedural system that will help get you compliant while maintaining your self-managed operations, assist you with the procedures, or perform the compliance requirements for you – it’s your choice!

As a small community, we don’t have the money for a full service management contract, but have the same needs as a larger community for management services. Is there a Bentley option that will help us with our management needs as well as our budget?

Yes! Bentley can customize a management program that meets the needs and requirements of your community as well as your budget. Our focus is helping communities that are most times overlooked by our competition because they are not paying the’ big dollar’ contract pricing. At Bentley, we value smaller communities and their unique situations, and are here to help you.

We are a large community, and our residents feel like they are ‘just a number’ to our management company. How can Bentley service a large community without leaving our residents feel like they don’t matter?

At Bentley, we value building relationships with your residents. We have seen how the process of property management has lost the personal touch and interaction with the residents of the communities, and has moved to a ‘day in, day out’ routine that leaves a very impersonal experience. We work to provide a very personal, valued experience to all of our residents as we seek to building life-long relationships with your community.

Our community has a lot of deferred maintenance and we don’t have the money in reserves to fix everything. Are we a community Bentley would be interested in?

Absolutely! We know there are varied reasons why a community discovers themselves in this position. Bentley will work the Board of Directors to assess where they are financially, and develop a prioritized maintenance plan in conjunction with the Board approved vendors that will address the scope of work required to get your community back in tip top shape.

I am a vendor who wants to work with Bentley communities. How much does it cost for me to be on your preferred list?

Great news – no fee! The ‘vendor preferred list’ maintained by other management companies usually means that the vendor has to pay a separate, sometimes significant annual fee to be on a list used by the management company to provide proposals on behalf of the associations managed (which is also a significant revenue stream for the management company!)  The vendor passes that fee on to the associations in the form of higher proposals submitted for work to be performed.

Bentley never charges a fee to any vendor to provide a proposal for work in our communities managed. We maintain our insurance review process in house, so there is not a separate fee required for your annual insurance document submission either. To be added to our system, simply visit the Vendor Hub, download and complete the vendor application, and submit it with all of the requested documentation to our office.