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Temporary and Emergency Management


Temporary and Emergency Management

Has your Association experienced a sudden or unexpected departure of your onsite full-time or part-time property manager, or a termination or discontinuation of your property management company services? Temporary and Emergency Management Assistance is just a phone call away! The Bentley Team will step in where your previous service or manager ended, and continue operations for your Association, while the Board of Directors go through the process of choosing replacement management – all without a long contract! Our month-to-month Temporary and Emergency Management services will allow you peace of mind that the Association’s operations are running smoothly (including assessment collection and vendor payments) without the Association’s commitment to a long contract or excessive management fees. We will help you continue your Association’s processes as long as you need us, allowing you the time you need to competently choose your next management service provider. Then we will work with your new provider for a smooth transition.