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Transitioning New Developments


Transitioning New Developments

Brand new developments that are in the process of, or have been transitioned from the Builder to the Board of Directors have many unique needs not found in a more mature community. Oftentimes, the initial management company has a business relationship with the Builder. To preserve this relationship, many maintenance issues may not be addressed back to the Builder as they should be by the management company. This results in the Association funding expenditures on items out of their budgets that should be covered under the Builders’ Warranty. Bentley understands that scope and time constraints exist with the Builders’ Warranty, and will work with the Builder to get the missing, defective or malfunctioning items in the community properly addressed. Bentley does not maintain direct business relationships with New Community Builders – so that we can represent and service our communities in the most ethical way possible. Bentley represents and services new communities by confirming maintenance is not covered under a Builder Warranty prior to issuing work orders that bind an Association for payment to a vendor – this is part of our fiduciary responsibility to you.