Bentley Community Management

Bentley’s Response to Covid-19 Concerns

Good Afternoon,

We have received several inquiries regarding our activities in the communities with the Coronavirus concerns.

Due to our unique internal structure, Bentley remains fully operational, and the Team Members are here to receive reports and inquiries from your community residents just as they have always been!

However, out of respect and an abundance of caution for our Team Members and community residents personal safety, we are recommending that Board meetings be held via conference call for the time being.

We have a conference call number and facility that is free to our communities and accommodates up to 1000 participants on the call.  If you have never participated in a Board meeting conference call before, there is no need for the Board members to ‘assemble’ around a speaker phone, as each Board member and homeowner can call in on their own phone from wherever they are and listen in and/or participate.  Logistically the meeting is held like an in-person meeting, where one person is speaking at a time and not over another.

We realize that some of our Association’s do not meet monthly, so we are hoping that for those non-monthly associations things improve prior to the next scheduled meetings so that the in-person meetings can continue.  If not, we would suggest that those Board members also consider the conference call meetings in the interim.

Additionally, Hearings would be postponed to a time when the in-person meetings are restored, as the owners have the right to discuss their concerns with the Board members in person if they choose to, and we also want to value those individual’s right to privacy with the Board members.  We can hold a Hearing via conference call, if the owner being called to the Hearing agrees to it.

If you are currently holding in-person meetings and are agreeable to temporarily moving to conference call meetings, please let me know ASAP so that we can adjust your agenda’s accordingly.

We know there is a lot of concern out there regarding this topic, and we want to do our part to help all of our communities feel as safe and comfortable as possible during these uncertain times.

Best Regards,


Kelly Bunnell, CMCA, AMS, PCAM


Bentley Community Management, Inc.