Emergency Management Exceeded Expectations

To Whom It May Concern:

It is with pleasure that I provide a formal recommendation for Kelly Bunnell and the entire team of Bentley Community Management, Inc. She has been serving as interim manager for our HOA for the past several months. In this time, she has proven to be responsive to the needs of our board and residents. Kelly has a knack for details and tackles issues head on. We discovered several serious issues left over from prior management and she works tirelessly to find solutions.

Kelly remains current with operations and continuously updates board members. She has prepared detailed meeting packets to include accurate minutes, agendas and lists of outstanding issues that need to be addressed during board meetings. Kelly has the ability to relate to a wide variety of our residents during face-to-face office hours. Results from a recent canvasing of our residents inquiring about the direction of management of the property revealed positive feedback from the work Kelly and her team have done.

Bentley Community Management, Inc. met an immediate need and exceeded our expectations.


J. C., President

Mid-Rise Magic

Dear Board Member,

On behalf of my association, I would like to provide this recommendation for Bentley Community Management, Inc.

Prior to Bentley taking over management of our community, things for our Building may have appeared ok on the surface, but when we looked below, our finances weren’t being done properly, our vendors were getting paid but not doing the work, our building wasn’t being maintained to the level that it should be, and the Board had to do a lot of extra work on our own.

Since contracting with Bentley, Kelly and her team quickly got us back to where we should be. It seemed like magic to the homeowners but it took Bentley countless hours chasing down seemingly dead ends, scrutinizing small details that would otherwise be missed, and being proactive to guide us so we can minimize future issues. And during this whole time, Bentley involved us at the level we requested and always kept us updated on what was going on. They really do have our association’s best interest in mind.

With regards to communications, financial processing and day to day management operations, Bentley is prompt, clear and easy to work with. We never had an issue where we could not reach Kelly or someone on her team, and they always follow-up and don’t leave things hanging. All the vendors in her network that she has sent to us have been well qualified, professional, great to work with and reasonably priced.

If you are considering Bentley as your new management company, I wouldn’t hesitate for a second, two big thumbs up!

If you would like to discuss our experience with Bentley Community Management, Inc. further, please contact me.

Board President

Self-Managed Community Now in Compliance

Dear Potential Bentley Community Management Clients:

As the Treasurer of a small 4-unit Homeowners Association in the South Bay, I would like to express a strong endorsement on behalf of Kelly Bunnell and Bentley Community Management Inc. We were referred to Bentley by our insurance agency, who encouraged us to seek assistance in better understanding the requirements and laws surrounding associations, particularly one as small as ours. The Association has been self-governed since its inception in 1976, and to say the governance and compliance was lax is now clearly an understatement. We are a mix of owner-occupied and tenant-occupied, and while we’ve maintained an annual members meeting and communication throughout the year, we were not educated enough about many of the simple laws that apply to HOAs.

Hiring Kelly and Bentley Community Management, Inc. for advisement on compliance has been one of the better decisions we’ve made in recent years. The affordable service she provides opened our eyes to some basic operating rules and regulations that we were not in compliance with, as well as laws that need to be abided by or could be complied with in relatively simple fashion. She provided a full report and basic evaluation of our CC&Rs and other documents, also informing us where our own governance was requiring things different from the standard laws. In our meeting, Kelly and her team took us step-by-step through the most basic compliance requirements and helped us find solutions to meet each of them.

Our membership and officers were all deeply impressed by their professionalism and thoroughness, in addition to their patience with all of our questions and scenarios as we tried to find our way. A glaring truism about Bentley is their conviction to support “the little guy”, as they encouraged us to find our own way in self-governance rather than rely on one of the larger community association management firms to handle things for us at a high cost. While Bentley has offered to be available for regular compliance support, they also explained to us the advantage we have being self-governed and where it will benefit our efforts to comply in a way that abides by the law but still works for us.

Through their presentation and communication, Bentley has shown us the risks we take by not being in compliance, and exposure we have to any legal recourse. By following the basic compliance steps outlined by Kelly and her team, we will eliminate that “low hanging fruit” that ambulance-chasing attorneys may target if a warranted or unwarranted incident were to arise.

It is with pleasure that we endorse Kelly Bunnell and Bentley Community Management, Inc., and we are happy to answer any questions in reference to their work.


Expectations Exceeded

Dear Potential Bentley Community Board Member,

Thank you for taking the time to read my recommendation for Bentley Community Management, Inc.

Last year my condominium complex was in desperate need for some true management. Prior to my purchasing my unit and joining our Board, there had been two management companies that failed miserably during the previous eight years. Our community was near bankruptcy, there had been little to no maintenance or upkeep over this same period, nearly every vendor was suspect as to billing practices and quality of work performed, HOA member(s) were in serious arrears, and perspective buyers were having difficulty qualifying for a mortgage based on minimal to no reserves.

I was lucky to meet Kelly at a local Chamber of Commerce meet and greet. I explained a great many of our issues and to my relief, Kelly was not only confident our problems could be handled but seemed happily challenged by it all. Since Bentley became our representative every issue that has been brought to either the Board’s attention or directly to Bentley has been handled expediently, professionally, and to the HOA’s satisfaction. Unfortunately, there has been quite a few! In addition, every vendor that Kelly has recommended to us has been a great improvement over the previous vendor, and in many cases less expensive.

Bentley has worked through a large insurance claim for roof damage, a member who filed for bankruptcy to avoid years of non-payment of assessments, negotiating final payments for suspect vendors as each was replaced, while keeping us within the boundary of the myriad of laws that surround HOA’s.

To sum up, Bentley has more than met our Board’s expectations across all aspects of property management. It is our collective opinion that any HOA would be very lucky to have Bentley as their management representative.

Please feel free to contact me at your convenience if you would like additional details or simply to confirm the authenticity of this recommendation.



Meet the Winner – Daryl Fong

The Yorba Linda Community Faire, Car Show and Chili Cook-Off on October 17th did not disappoint with lots of activities, food and fun.

The Bentley Team was privileged to join other local area businesses with a booth at the event, offering attendees a chance to “Spin the Wheel” in hopes of attaining the highest score for great prizes.

After a long fought battle for first place, Daryl Fong of Yorba Linda emerged as the winner with a score of 44 out of a possible 48.

Meet the Winner Daryl Fong

Bentley Community Management President Kelly Bunnell congratulating First Place Winner Daryl Fong of Yorba Linda in the “Spin the Wheel” Contest.

Mr. Fong was very excited, stating that he had never won anything prior to this event. The Bentley Team was happy to present Mr. Fong with his ‘first win’ in the form of a gift card for dinner at a desirable, local popular restaurant.

Coming in second after holding the first place position for most of the afternoon was Bob Rios of Yorba Linda with a score of 40.  Though unavailable for a photo, Mr. Rios will be enjoying dinner at another fabulous, local popular restaurant.

Thank you to everyone who visited our booth during the event. It was great meeting everyone, and helping you get to know Bentley.

Decision-Making: Getting it Right!

“You have to know what the really important decisions are and make sure you invest in getting them right.” – Tim Reed

As Board members of homeowners Associations, that couldn’t be a truer statement!

Almost every decision that the Board of Directors make has a financial impact on the Association. Lots of Board members struggle with how to know if they are making the right decision – and what if the wrong decision is made.

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Looking for a Shorter Board Meeting?

A common question heard from Board members is how they can have shorter Board meetings.

The first step to shorter meetings is actually in the hands of the Board members themselves – the Board packet. As the management team, we understand that Board members are volunteers and lead busy lives. But reviewing the Board packet as much as possible prior to attendance at the meeting (instead of opening the Board packet mailing envelope at the meeting), can significantly speed up the time spent at the meeting. As the items of business on the agenda are addressed, action can be taken quicker due to all Board members being familiar with the action required on each item – and thus, a shorter meeting!

For more tips on efficient Board meetings, contact your Association Manager, or a member of The Bentley Team.

New Pool Maintenance Standards

Does your community have a pool? Stricter maintenance standards have been implemented into the California Code of Regulations Title 22 being enforced by the State of California and County Health Departments that affect Association pools. This enforcement begins January of 2016. You can read more regarding the code and how it could affect your Association at:
(Look for the red NEW button).