Thank you – I hope they do as good of a job as you do!


I just bumped into my neighbors on the other side, and they mentioned how wonderful you were in helping them get their leaning trees replaced.


The contractors recently completed work on the railing of my porch and I wanted to send an email to thank you for your diligence in having the work completed. The contractors were extremely efficient and did an outstanding job. This has been an almost 5-year monkey off my back and I could not be more pleased with the results! Thank you so much for everything you’ve done!


Just so you know I’m very grateful to your attention. You are the first management company to ever get back to me with concerns. Much appreciated.


THEY TRIMMED THE TREE!!!! Thank you so much! I just got home from work and saw the good news and I had to say something to you. Thank you!


Thank you again for this small gesture that makes all the difference in my life, and the lives of others. You don’t realize how things like this can be such an improvement in the lives of the disabled.


The transition of an account is often times a challenge for both the client and the manager. Tacking past issues for the Board and diving in head first is what you did for us, and it certainly has not gone unnoticed. With a recent email from the Board President describing your performance as ‘kick ass’ says it all! Thank you, for your awesome customer service and your ‘can do’ attitude!


Thank you so much for your prompt response and the explicit vendor detail. It was quite unexpected and very much appreciated by all. We welcome your management style and efficiency.


Yes, I saw the van for them today. THANK YOU So much. You’re the best.


Thank you for your prompt and encouraging responses to our gate, lighting and tree concerns. You are correct that you had sent the tree response just 30 minutes before I emailed you today. I will do a more diligent check of my email inbox in the future.


That was quick! Thank you!!


Excellent! You’re the best. Thanks for making me feel ‘heard’. I hate to be the squeaky wheel!


Thanks a bunch for getting back to me so quickly!


I’m writing to commend you for the outstanding work that you have performed since taking over property management responsibilities of our community. I have been impressed with the scope of projects that have been undertaken and are being planned for the future, as well as, the professionalism with which you have conducted yourself. I’m especially pleased to see how the communities’ reserves are being controlled and increased since this is imperative for our communities’ future. I believe we are in capable hands, and I look forward to the changes and improvements that will come as you help shape the infrastructure of our community.


Thank you so much for your quick reply! I appreciate you for being available to deal with it!!


I personally want to thank you very much for taking on this daunting task that is our Association. You are appreciated more than you know.


Thanks for what you do for our neighborhood. I know you get more complaints than thanks, so…Thank you…


Thanks and in case I haven’t said it before I really appreciate the great job you are doing! You are so responsive and I can see positive changes when I walk through the neighborhood. That really means a lot so I wanted to let you know


Thanks so much! I really appreciate you contacting the vendor to facilitate our request.


Thank you and I appreciate your speedy response.


Great answers and thanks for your prompt response. Frankly, our tenant has been driving us nuts, which is why I looped her in the message (for your response). Hope this gets her off of my back. Thanks a lot.


I just dropped off everything at your office. I also left you a little something as a token of our appreciation for all your hard work and excellent customer service. We appreciate you. Thanks for everything.


Thank you so much for your quick response – much appreciated!


Thank you for the prompt response and update!


Thank you! I appreciate you getting back to me so quickly.


Thank you – you have been great to work with!


It was nice to see you again at the meeting last night. Those meetings are hard work – I admire your ability to sit through them every month.


Thanks for your prompt follow up.


Thanks I always appreciate your help.


Thank you very much for getting back to me with an update. The check arrived over the weekend. Thank you again for all your help with everything and staying patient with me, I really appreciate it.