Community Life… Well Managed

Let Us Help You Get Back to Your Life!

Let Us Help You Get Back to Your Life!

As an Association Volunteer, you have a lot on your plate to keep your community running. You shouldn’t have to spend additional time keeping track of and following up on items that have been given to your manager to handle to make sure they don’t ‘fall through the cracks’. You should have confidence that your manager knows what needs to be done – and gets it done right the first time, without the need of endless ‘checklists’, ‘check-ups’ and ‘check-ins’.

Association Volunteers Shouldn’t Have to Micro-Manage the Management Company to Make Sure the Job is Done!

If your community struggles with sub-standard service issues from your current management company, stop wasting your time and Association funds with well-intentioned promises of ‘doing better’. Your community – and your sanity – deserve better!

We encourage you to meet Bentley!

The decision to change management companies can be an intimidating and daunting task. The Bentley Team works proactively on your behalf to transition your community as seamlessly as possible from your current management company, providing communication and assistance to your residents in the process.

We know that some management companies insist on providing sub-par service for inflated fees, and then choose to ‘not play nice’ during a transition process. This can be very frustrating to Board members and residents.

We will perform a complete review of all of your Association documents to identify areas that may be ‘deficient’ or missing, and work to expedite the completion of the transition so that your community is integrated as a Bentley Community as soon as possible.

We take the worry and hassle out of the transition process for the Directors and residents – so that you can get back to your life.