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Dear Board Member,

On behalf of my association, I would like to provide this recommendation for Bentley Community Management, Inc.

Prior to Bentley taking over management of our community, things for our Building may have appeared ok on the surface, but when we looked below, our finances weren’t being done properly, our vendors were getting paid but not doing the work, our building wasn’t being maintained to the level that it should be, and the Board had to do a lot of extra work on our own.

Since contracting with Bentley, Kelly and her team quickly got us back to where we should be. It seemed like magic to the homeowners but it took Bentley countless hours chasing down seemingly dead ends, scrutinizing small details that would otherwise be missed, and being proactive to guide us so we can minimize future issues. And during this whole time, Bentley involved us at the level we requested and always kept us updated on what was going on. They really do have our association’s best interest in mind.

With regards to communications, financial processing and day to day management operations, Bentley is prompt, clear and easy to work with. We never had an issue where we could not reach Kelly or someone on her team, and they always follow-up and don’t leave things hanging. All the vendors in her network that she has sent to us have been well qualified, professional, great to work with and reasonably priced.

If you are considering Bentley as your new management company, I wouldn’t hesitate for a second, two big thumbs up!

If you would like to discuss our experience with Bentley Community Management, Inc. further, please contact me.

Board President

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