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Self-Managed Community Now in Compliance Success Story

Dear Potential Bentley Community Management Clients:

As the Treasurer of a small 4-unit Homeowners Association in the South Bay, I would like to express a strong endorsement on behalf of Kelly Bunnell and Bentley Community Management Inc. We were referred to Bentley by our insurance agency, who encouraged us to seek assistance in better understanding the requirements and laws surrounding associations, particularly one as small as ours. The Association has been self-governed since its inception in 1976, and to say the governance and compliance was lax is now clearly an understatement. We are a mix of owner-occupied and tenant-occupied, and while we’ve maintained an annual members meeting and communication throughout the year, we were not educated enough about many of the simple laws that apply to HOAs.

Hiring Kelly and Bentley Community Management, Inc. for advisement on compliance has been one of the better decisions we’ve made in recent years. The affordable service she provides opened our eyes to some basic operating rules and regulations that we were not in compliance with, as well as laws that need to be abided by or could be complied with in relatively simple fashion. She provided a full report and basic evaluation of our CC&Rs and other documents, also informing us where our own governance was requiring things different from the standard laws. In our meeting, Kelly and her team took us step-by-step through the most basic compliance requirements and helped us find solutions to meet each of them.

Our membership and officers were all deeply impressed by their professionalism and thoroughness, in addition to their patience with all of our questions and scenarios as we tried to find our way. A glaring truism about Bentley is their conviction to support “the little guy”, as they encouraged us to find our own way in self-governance rather than rely on one of the larger community association management firms to handle things for us at a high cost. While Bentley has offered to be available for regular compliance support, they also explained to us the advantage we have being self-governed and where it will benefit our efforts to comply in a way that abides by the law but still works for us.

Through their presentation and communication, Bentley has shown us the risks we take by not being in compliance, and exposure we have to any legal recourse. By following the basic compliance steps outlined by Kelly and her team, we will eliminate that “low hanging fruit” that ambulance-chasing attorneys may target if a warranted or unwarranted incident were to arise.

It is with pleasure that we endorse Kelly Bunnell and Bentley Community Management, Inc., and we are happy to answer any questions in reference to their work.


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