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Dear Potential Bentley Community Board Member,

Thank you for taking the time to read my recommendation for Bentley Community Management, Inc.

Last year my condominium complex was in desperate need for some true management. Prior to my purchasing my unit and joining our Board, there had been two management companies that failed miserably during the previous eight years. Our community was near bankruptcy, there had been little to no maintenance or upkeep over this same period, nearly every vendor was suspect as to billing practices and quality of work performed, HOA member(s) were in serious arrears, and perspective buyers were having difficulty qualifying for a mortgage based on minimal to no reserves.

I was lucky to meet Kelly at a local Chamber of Commerce meet and greet. I explained a great many of our issues and to my relief, Kelly was not only confident our problems could be handled but seemed happily challenged by it all. Since Bentley became our representative every issue that has been brought to either the Board’s attention or directly to Bentley has been handled expediently, professionally, and to the HOA’s satisfaction. Unfortunately, there has been quite a few! In addition, every vendor that Kelly has recommended to us has been a great improvement over the previous vendor, and in many cases less expensive.

Bentley has worked through a large insurance claim for roof damage, a member who filed for bankruptcy to avoid years of non-payment of assessments, negotiating final payments for suspect vendors as each was replaced, while keeping us within the boundary of the myriad of laws that surround HOA’s.

To sum up, Bentley has more than met our Board’s expectations across all aspects of property management. It is our collective opinion that any HOA would be very lucky to have Bentley as their management representative.

Please feel free to contact me at your convenience if you would like additional details or simply to confirm the authenticity of this recommendation.



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